Ongoing Projects

Beautification Awards

The Annual Beautification Awards was one of our very first projects and is one of our most anticipated annual events. Several residential and commercial properties are nominated for their landscape beautification efforts. A ballot is developed, and four residences and two businesses are chosen as winners by the MBA membership. Awards are presented during an annual reception each October.

50th Anniversary Mural

To commemorate its 50th anniversary in 2022, MBA unveiled a mural as a gift to the City of Macomb with the hope that it would be a visually attractive addition to our city for both residents and visitors. Funding for the project was provided by individuals, groups, and businesses in Macomb. It is located on the north wall of Gelsosomo’s at the corner of Randolph and East Calhoun Streets.

Christmas Lights

MBA assists with funding of the lights in Chandler Park and at the Amtrak Depot.

The Tree Project

The Tree Project was initiated to encourage Macomb residents to plant trees in their front yards. A Macomb citizen can receive 50% of the cost of a tree, up to a maximum of $100. A paid receipt must be presented within 60 days of purchase to an MBA representative who will then verify the planting of the tree before disbursement is made to the homeowner. There is a limit of one reimbursement every five years.

View the Northern Illinois Tree Species List (pdf)

Pollinator Pocket Garden Project

Our beautification focus has widened as we learned more about the relationship between pollinators/insects and native plants. Our goal is to establish a pollinator corridor in Macomb so insects and butterflies can easily move through our community to feed on the plants they need. We are offering Macomb residents the opportunity and guidance to plant to plant their own Pollinator Pocket Garden. Our Macomb residents can be reimbursed half of the cost to plant these gardens with up to $50 towards the purchase of pollinator-friendly plants.


MBA has a tri-fold brochure, banners, and letterhead to promote our organization. The Community News Brief is most helpful in promoting our meetings and programs and frequently publishes articles about our activities. MBA members are available to make presentations about our organization to local groups and schools. Anyone interested in requesting a speaker should contact MBA President Barb Knox at