MBA holds one or more fundraisers each year including the two card parties at the Macomb Country Club. Other fundraisers include the holiday sale of scones made by our members.


In recent years MBA has been named the beneficiary of several memorials. Three memorials funds have resulted in:

The Rose Hermetet Memorial Garden which was established in 2003. This garden is located in front of the Amtrak Depot on the southwest corner. Plantings include perennials such as rose bushes, day lilies, and a variety of grasses. A large boulder honoring Mrs. Hermetet is part of this memorial garden. Rose Hermetet was a life-long Macomb resident and a very active MBA member.

The Mary Lawrence Mabon memorial gift of $50,000 was received in 2004. Mary Mabon was a former resident of Macomb and a Western Illinois University graduate.

The Margaret Stover Memorial Garden was created in 2005. This garden is located on the west side of the Amtrak Depot and a large boulder marks the location. Also in the garden one will find a park bench, rose bushes, and urns filled with annuals. Margaret Stover is considered the “heart and soul” of Macomb Beautiful Association. She will always be known for her unrelenting spirit and support of all MBA activities.

The Madge Howe Cooper Memorial Gardens were planted in 2006 in Chandler Park. There are two gardens located on the northeast and northwest corners. The gardens contain perennials, trees, and annuals. A large boulder is located in the northwest corner garden and appropriately inscribed. Madge Cooper was an active and enthusiastic member of MBA.

The Ann Mullen Renshaw Memorials were completed in 2009. Funds from her memorials were used to purchase two park benches and several trees in Chandler Park. Ann Renshaw was a retired Western Illinois Professor of art who appreciated MBA activities.

A significant beautification effort has taken place at the County Courthouse. The south side plantings are mostly perennials with some annuals. More recently the north side of the Courthouse has been landscaped with bushes and rhododendrons. All gardens require seasonal maintenance, new plantings, weeding, mulching, and watering.

Beautification Awards

One of our major projects in the Community has been our Annual Beautification Awards. The Awards Committee selects several residential and commercial properties for their landscape beautification efforts. Awards are presented during he annual banquet each October.

Amtrak Depot

The planting of geraniums in the window boxes at the Amtrak Depot in the spring and holiday greenery in the winter. Members volunteer to water the window boxes during the summer months.

The Tree Project

The Tree Project was initiated to encourage Macomb residents to plant trees in their front yards. A citizen can receive 50% of the cost of a tree, up to a maximum of $50.

  • Plant a tree in  your front yard and MBA will reimburse a City of Macomb homeowner half the purchase price of one tree, not to exceed $50. Planting costs are excluded.
  • A paid receipt  must be presented within 60 days of purchase to an MBA representative, who will then verify the planting of the tree before disbursement is made to the homeowner.
  • There is a limit of one reimbursement every five years.
  • View the Northern Illinois Tree Species List (pdf)

Christmas Lights

The funding of Christmas Trees and Lights in Chandler Park and lights at the Amtrak Depot.

Western Illinois Museum

The planters in front of the Western Illinois Museum.


MBA has a tri-fold brochure, banners, and letterhead to promote our organization. The McDonough County Voice/Choice is most helpful in promoting our meetings and programs, and frequently publishes articles about our activities. MBA members are available for making presentations about our organization to local groups and schools. Anyone interested in requesting a speaker should contact MBA President Barbara Knox at