Contributions to Macomb Beautiful Association will help defray the cost of MBA projects in the Macomb Community.

Projects include the following:

  • 21 Flower boxes at the train depot (summer flowers and Christmas greenery)
  • The Rose Hermetet and the Margaret Stover Memorial at the train depot
  • 4 flower beds on the north side of Chandler Park (the Madge Howe Cooper Memorial Gardens)
  • The flower bed at the corner of North Lafayette and East Carroll
  • 2 flower beds around the court house
  • 2 raised flower beds at the south/east corner of Chandler Park
  • Christmas trees and lights in Chandler Park, the flower pots at the Museum, and some plantings at the north entrance to Macomb.
  • The plants around the new Women’s Memorial.
  • We also offer up to $50 to residents who plant a new tree in their yards
  • The Phelps Memorial Garden on East Carroll Street
  • The Roger Barclay Memorial Garden at the southeast corner of North Lafayette and University Drive
  • The flower bed on the southeast corner of the Macomb Public Library
  • Trees and benches in Chandler Park
  • Landscaping contributions for Habitat for Humanity homes
  • The gardens around the signs at the east and north entrances of Macomb

All of the above are accomplished from funds provided by MBA memberships dues ($10 or $15), fundraisers, and a small amount provided by McDonough County Board ($300) and the City ($200).

If you have any questions or would like to donate to MBA please contact us.